On a warm summer evening, two young guys are contemplating the mysteries of life, which by the way are way too big to be answered by these two random dudes in this random park.
"Imagine Someone Shot Me" is the pretentious title, for a pretentious short film about life after death, talking dogs, beer and pretentious boys.
Co-producer: Kjetil Jore
Cinematographer: Fredrik Fossum Hallerud
Editor: Christian Stangeby
Sounddesign: Jonas Magerøy & Anders Tveten
Boom operator: Johan Enader
Gaffer: Cameron Daravi
1AC: Johnny Isaksson
Composer: Birk "Bream" Bjellvåg
VFX: Erik Teigland
SFX: Zahra Djamila
Steadycam Operator: Dovydas Miliauskas
2AC: Jonathan Fremstad
PA: Cecilie Amlie Conesa & Håkon Veine Wiig
Stills: Håkon Veine Wiig
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