Miko and Dimas, two brothers from Ukraine grow up in the much softer country Norway. Their days are filled with sensation-seeking activities like MMA, fast cars, and drugs. One night Miko convinces his older brother Dimas to let him tag along to the techno club, but the reveal of his older brother's sexual orientation turns out to be too much to handle in a drug-induced state. 
​​​​​​Official festival selection at:
- Next Nordic Generation program 2021- The Norwegian International Film Festival Haugesund
- Official Selection 2022 (NKD 6) - The Norwegian Short Film Festival 
Official Selection 2022 - Short film programme - Bergen International Film Festival
Mentioned in Variety article Here: Variety.com
Mubi link: mubi.com​​​​​​​
Producer: Kjetil Jore
1AD: Marius Hallem Nysæter & Kjetil Jore
Cinematographer: Fredrik Fossum Hallerud
Editor: Christian Stangeby
Sounddesign: Jonas Magerøy & Anders Tveten
Foley Supervisor: Erik Watland
Gaffer: Linn Solheim Jacobsen
1AC: Magnus Berg
2AC: Joshua Jacob
SFX, Hair and Makeup: Zahra Djamila & Henriette Elise Hustveit Melien
Costume design: Viktor Sandberg
Script & DIT: Christian Stangeby
PA: Amanda Malmbekk
Stills: Cameron Daravi
Car "wrangler": Per Christian Wiig & Per Morten Wiig
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